Line Interactive Standared Backup UPS
Line Interactive Standared Backup UPS

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Line Interactive Standared Backup UPS  
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Unique launches a high performance single card sinewave UPS that will work even in the remotest corner of India without maintenance headache.

The system output is a true Sine wave that is phase synchronous to the input. When the main fails, the transfer time can be from no break up to 10ms depending on the phase synchronization and the rate of mains decay.

During Mains Availability a high performance 6 stages AVR has been incorporated to give a regulated output for mains input of 120 V to 280 V. A high performance low ripple charger gives faster charging and longer battery life. Charging currents of up to 15 amps can be programmed.


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Download Weight & Dimension Detail of PA

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  • Pure sinewave output
  • Wide input range with 6 step AVR.
  • 5 stage charger system that ensures faster charging and lower battery heating
  • Phase synchronized transfer.
  • Ultra fast transfer routine.
  • Zero current relay switching for better relay life.
  • Zero battery drain in off mode.
  • Auto recharge and night guard on mains recovery.
  • Fully programmable all set points, and parameters can be programmed by you
  • Highly fault tolerant system.
  • Computer communication enabled , real time data transfer to a host computer through s232c.(optional)
Line Interactive UPS

Technical Specifications
Model PA500 PA600 PA800 PA1000 PA1200
Capacity 500VA 600VA 800VA 1000VA 1200VA
  300W 360W 480W 600W 720W
  Phase Single Phase
  Voltage range 110 or 220 VAC ± 25 %
Input Frequency 50 / 60Hz ± 5Hz 
  Commercial Power Range 170 ≈ 275 VAC
  AVR Two Classes Voltage Regulation
(Inverter Mode)
110 or 220VAC ± 10%
Output Frequency 50 ≈ 70HZ
  Waveform Step Wave 
  Transfer Time < 10ms
  Spike and Surge
Protection Over / Under Voltage Switch to Battery Output, When mains over or under range
  Over Load / Short Circuit Fuse and current limited for both mains & battery mode
  Type Lead-acid Maintainance free
  Voltage 12V
Battery Recharge Time After Fully discharged, Charge 8 hours to 90% capacity
  Backup Time (Full Load) 3 min
  Configuration  12V/7Ah              12V/7Ah          12V/7Ah
                      X 1Pc                      X 1Pc                    X 1Pc
Communication No
  Display Function LED
  CPU Control Yes
  Automatic Charging Function Yes
Function LED Display Yes
  Protection against Short - Circuit Yes
  Bypass No Output No
  Audible noise 45dB at 1 m
  Temperature 0 40 C
Others Humidity 10 90%
  Output Socket 2 Pcs 2 Pcs 3 Pcs
  N.W. (KG) 6.2 7 11.5
  G.W. (KG) 7 7.5 12
  Dimension (mm) 425*370*235                480*450*295