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UNIQUE is in the business of protecting critical equipment for more than fifteen years.
UNIQUE has used the combined expertise for its long other experience in India and abroad to built products to suit the power requirements of IT and critical equipment.

Thus UNIQUE brings to its customers the best in the world of technology through its own association and the UNIQUE trust of quality and reliability.

UNIQUE, an acknowledge and renowned leader in the UPS, Stabilizers, Invertors and Battery Chargers market. UNIQUE`s products are manufactured at a modern , state of the art plant in Mahape (Navi Mumbai), in the state of Maharashtra. This facility is acknowledged to the best in the world. UNIQUE products are highly efficient, compact, aesthetic, intelligent, reliable, virtually noiseless and incorporate micro processor based technology.

UNIQUE MAX, Has the widest range of UPS systems from 500 VA to 30000 VA with a range of software options. These products are available in offline, line interactive and online technologies. UNIQUE also has the expertise to provide customized solutions, including power mapping, site study and load study.

UNIQUE exports products to markets like Myanmar and Singapore and planning to market and export the UNIQUE products all over the world shortly.

UNIQUE also offers a number of service products to meet the most demanding customer expectations. With just one manufacturing unit and servicing unit of its own, Marketing offices at Bangalore, Belgaum and a well trained network of engineers, UNIQUE provide the best nation wide service with the UNIQUE guarantee of quality and reliability.

With more than 60 percent of the employees being engineers and management graduates the company is fully equipped to cater to its discerning and demanding customers.