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True Online High Frequency UPS  
Wind Turbine
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The simplest and most cost effective way of coping with these disturbances is to install an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Acting as an interface between the mains and the loads, the UPS guarantees the continuity and the quality of electrical power supplied to the loads without your load being affected by condition of voltage & frequency at the input. This technology is called VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent).

The Unique UPS System also totally isolates the load from distortion/noise that arises from the main supply. It ensures 100% protection to the load from the full range of power disturbance including harmonics and common mode noise.


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Line Interactive High Backup UPS

Technical Specification
Model UD-10 UD-15 UD-20 UD-30 UD-40 UD-60 UD-80 UD-100 UD-120 UD-140 UD-200 UD-300
Capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 140KVA 200KVA 300KVA
  7KW 10.5KW 14KW 21KW 28KW 42KW 56KW 70KW 84KW 98KW 140KW 210KW
Working Prinicple Online - Supply Powerstaticbypassswitch( uninterrupable switch), with doubletransfer
    Technology, output power supply was completely isolated
  Phases Three Phases +N +G
  Voltage 380V ± 20%
  Frequency 50HZ ±10%
AC input Input Max Current (A) 25 33 40 56 71 102 133 164 195 240 295 400
  Input Power Factor 0.95(with input filtering)
  Soft Star 0-100% 5 sec
  Phases Three Phases +N +G
  Voltage 380V ± 15%
Bypass input  Frequency 50HZ ±2%
  Inverter/Bypass (Overload) 0ms
  Transfer time  
  DC Voltage 348V(12V Battery 32 Pcs)        396V(12V Battery 33 Pcs)        408V(12V Battery 34 Pcs)
  Flotting Voltage              432V                                          446V                                         459V
DC System Cut-Off Voltage              336V                                          347V                                         357V
  Max discharging Current (A) 25 38 51 76 101 152 203 253 304 360 450 620
  Charging Current (A) 10-25A(Adjustable)
  Phases Three Phases +N +G
  Voltage 380V ± 1% (stable load)
  Frequency 50HZ ± 5%(AC) 50Hz± 0.05% battery Supply Power
  Power Factor 0.8(lagging)
  Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
  THD Linear Load <3%, non- linear load <5%
AC Output Dynamic Load Volatge  
  Instaneous Charge ± 5%(from 0 to 100% declined change)
  Instanous Comeback time <10 ms(±5%)
  Lopsided Voltage  

Overload Capacity

<± 3% <± 1%( Balanced Load Voltage )
  Working Efficiency  
  Communicate Ports 125% 10 min 150% 1 min
  Running Temperature >91%, 95%. ECO economic mode
System  Relative Humidity RS 232 / RS 422
indication noise  
    0-90% non-covering
    50dB  55dB 63dB  65dB  68dB 
  Outside Size        
Configuration D X W X H (mm) 700X520X11000 770X580X1180 900X660X1470 1250X900X2000 
  G.W (K.G) 210        258 350        400 480        650 900        1100        1200        1250       1380