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The sun as your energy source comes within reach with a grid-connected solar inverter. This inverter, is our latest addition in the A-brand inverter range mainly intended for household use. Combined with solar panels, an effective environmentally friendly way to generate electrical energy is what you get.

The main components in a system are the Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Grid Interactive inverter(s), and the meter that records the amount of power produced.

PV Panels: The PV panels convert the light reaching them into DC power. The amount of power they produce is roughly proportional to the intensity and the angle of the light reaching them. They are therefore positioned to take maximum advantage of available sunlight within siting constraints. Maximum power is obtained when the panels are able to 'track' the sun's movements during the day and the various seasons. However, these tracking mechanisms tend to add a fair bit to the cost of the system, so a lot of people either

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have fixed panels or compromise by incorporating some limited manual adjustments, which take into account the different 'elevations' of the sun at various times of the year. The best elevations vary with the latitude of your location. In the Southern Hemisphere, these panels should face as close to as possible.

Grid-Interactive Inverter: The Inverter takes the DC power produced by the panels, converts it to AC, and feeds it back into the main electricity grid. Some systems may have a number of smaller Inverters connected in parallel.