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The Unique servo control voltage stabilizers are extremely efficient stabilizers which meet the requirements of majority of your voltage fluctuation problems. Unique servo control voltage stabilizer are Electromechanical unites in which silicon solid state devices are employed to provide high reliability as well as long maintenance free service.
Unique servo control voltage stabilizers

Special advantages offered by Unique servo control voltage stabilizer include virtually no wave from distortion, wide frequency range, very low internal impedance and efficiency better than 90%. The rated accuracy of the out put voltage is + 1% for all variations of line voltage or load current within the limits specified. Servo control voltage stabilizer are insensitive to the magnitude and power factor of the load and do not affect the system power factor.

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Functional Characteristics

  1. All Silicon Solid state control circuits – No relays, Virtually no warm –up ti,e , very high reliability.
  2. Minimal overshoot or hunting.
  3. Dc Motor driver/AC motor
  4. Zero waveform distortion
  5. Independent of supply frequency variations in the range 47 to 53 Hz.
  6. Unaffected by load Power factor
  7. Very high transient – overload capacity.
  8. Direct drive mechanism – offer a better average correction speed(>30 V/Sec)
  9. Built in Undervolatge / Overvoltage trip
  10. Auto manual Mode operation.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Single Phase :- 3 KVA To 25 KA
Three Phase : - 10 KVA To 75 KA
Input Range :

(a) 170 V to 270V

(b) 130V to 300V

Output Voltage:  

230V + 1%

Output stability :

225 V to 235 V

Correction speed : 30V/sec Typical
Under Voltage Trip setting at output Voltage of  : 


Over Voltage Trip setting at output Voltage of  :  Yes
Effect Power factor on output voltage  :

Unity to 0.8%

Wave form distortion introduced by the stabilizer NIL
Effect of supply frequency variation from 47 to 53 HZ on output voltage : NIL