3 Phase Lift Inverter

LIFTS, Shopping Malls Lightings, Air Conditioners, Process Industries, Motors, Pumps

The power Backup System is essentially meant for Lifts Installed in multi stored buildings, Offices. Mfg. Plant, Sopping Malles etc. This system ensures that the above applications continues to operate as if nothing happened even after the electricity failure. One doesn’t need to rush to start the generators. The system is always alert and has the intelligence to sense Power Failure. This user friendly system is compact in size and are tailor to make to particular sites.

System Operations

In the normal condition when the electricity is available, the LIFT (Application) is directly connected to the Mains power and small portion of the mains supply is used in charging the storage batteries. In the event of electricity failure the system instantaneously senses it and generates AC power from the batteries. All these activities are carried out within few seconds thus ensuring that the Applications remains without power only for few second. When the Mains supply resumes the Applications are automatically switched over to it and a small portion of it is again utilized for charging of the batteries. This cycle is repeated again during the next power failure.
This systems are available in various models and different capacities to suite all available Lifts & other various capacities of Applications. The System is specially designed unit. The battery bank has the capacity to take care of power failure for fairly long time upto 8 to 10 hrs. The common lighting load such as Staircase, Parking can also be connected on the same system. In case of a multi building complex options can be considered for providing single unit for number of lifts etc. on prior site checking for lift application.